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ISO 9001

Quality Management

A well implemented Quality Management System allows you to demonstrate a predictable outcome related to your internal processes and procedures. It is a key tool to allow you to standardise your process to ensure consistent results every time. An effective Quality Management System will enhance customer satisfaction, achieve consistency, improve internal processes and assist in gaining repeat business from your customers.

The internationally recognised ISO 9001 series of Standards is a generic program. It is not aligned to a particular product or service and is therefore very flexible. It can be applied to any service or manufacturing company.

The ISO 9001 Standard is not designed to tell you how to manage your business, rather it is a tool that you can use to improve consistency and efficiency within your business systems and operations.

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How will your business benefit from certification to this Standard?

  • Certification to an internationally recognised third party Standard such as ISO 9001 is increasingly becoming a condition of contract within Industry. More and more companies require suppliers to have this certification.
  • The ISO 9001 system can be utilised within your business to improve efficiency by standardising processes and procedures, saving your staff time and your business money.
  • Management systems certification can be used as a competitive advantage particularly in the tender process leading to increased tender success and increased business opportunities.

Combined Certification

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to comply with the ever-expanding requirement for companies to maximise their product quality, whilst minimising their environmental footprint as well as working safer to protect their employees.

To overcome these issues, QCS(E) offers an Integrated Systems Program (ISP). This program allows your company to meet the requirements of the combined Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety related issues seen as critical by your customers.

QCS(E) uses auditors who hold accreditation to all three programs to conduct the ISP audits. This significantly reduces your audit cost because one auditor does all the work rather than using three separate auditors. It also allows your staff to develop a strong working relationship with a single individual, leading to enhanced service provision and increased benefits for your company.

Why choose QCS(E) as your certification partner?

  • QCS(E) is a Global organisation with a local focus. We bring a wealth of experience gained by working around the world to your company;
  • Our auditors are all trained to the highest standards and have been externally accredited;
  • QCS(E) is happy to assist you to focus on issues of significance within your business rather than just auditing the documented system; and,
  • We aim to develop strong, long-term relationships with our clients, a strategy which requires us to value-add at all times.

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